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Updated: Mar 3

Addicted to games. Can't stop thinking about them. Don't worry, you are not alone.

Gaming addiction is a very pressing issue that affects people of all ages, of all generation.

It all starts when you are in stress or need to divert your main attention or your main fear.

So we try to escape originality and play games to feel more relaxed.

The past decade has seen a sharp rise in the growth of multiplayer games which are mostly violent.

People love these types of games because the satisfaction the game gives is perceived as real by the player and he forgets real life problems.

But we must not forget that this satisfaction is very very very short lived. As soon as you close the game, there we go, reality again!

Eventually to feel relaxed again, we play the game again which leads to us getting addicted to it without us knowing.

We must face it. We all know that playing these games all day long is useless but still can't stop doing so.

So now knowing the root cause, let's see the different possible outcomes

One outcome might be that we still keep on ignoring our real life problems and just play games. Okay, you can do that if you want. But forget happiness once you close the game.

Or you can stop playing the game from now on. But this will never make you stop thinking about the game. This will make you watch something related to the game. And soon will make you download the game back.

Or you could play the game for limited time. You can create a timetable for yourself so that you stick to it. But this also will eventually make it difficult to follow the timetable and soon make you play beyond the limits.

Or you can go into complete isolation giving your phone or device to someone and ask him/her to lock it away from you. This will work out well, given the condition of not going crazy again and snatch the device back.

Okay, so every outcome has a negative in it. So, now you understand getting addicted is evitable, but once you are actually addicted, then it's nearly impossible to go back.

But there is a way. Try facing your real life problems and stop hiding from it. If you find it difficult and fail once, then don't give up. GET ADDICTED TO FACING PROBLEMS. Learn something new everyday so you finally get to face yur problems. Whenever you go to open the game, think again ; this is our one and only life and you don't want to be wasting it escaping your life. Try contributing to the society and Thank you if you have made this far in this article!

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